Bill “Butch r” Baker is working on 1st Album “Love Unbound”

I am excited to announce recording is underway for a first solo release from Bill “Butch r” Baker.

The Album Cover Concept

The Album Cover Concept

Love Unbound will be a collection of works written solo and together with partners going back in time to when I partnered with best friends Jeff Avery of DC StarRavyn Kurylo-Blackthorne and of course the song master Chuck Healig!

Expected to find a home on the album are:

  1. Love Unbound – Haelig/Baker
  2. Ride a Bus – Baker
  3. Walking on the Moonlight – Baker
  4. Man with Mandolyns – Baker
  5. Take You Out Dancing – Baker
  6. Night Flyer- Baker/Avery/Richards
  7. Fun Fun Fun – Haelig/Baker
  8. Send De Love  – Baker
  9. Cabana Joe – Haelig/Baker
  10. Why’dya Tell Me – Baker
  11. One of the Boys – Lennon/Baker
  12. Boys in the Alley – Haelig/Baker/Noturno
  13. Coming of Age – Haelig/Baker
  14. Love is the Holidays – Haelig/Baker

I will be appear on Rolling and Tumblin with Lady J on KFAI Tuesday afternoon August 9th!  Tune in for some acoustic renditions of my favorites.



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