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Announcing the Wailing Sailors Show

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The Wailing Sailor show is:

Butch R Baker As a musical artist transplanted from c-c-cold Minneapolis, living in Ocala FLA now and developing a new show called Butch R Baker & the Wailing Sailors!

The show has two options:

Option A: is the full band

Option B: is solo act with guitars and the band-in-the-box!

Butch in Jax Beach Margaritaville Hotel lobby

Original Music is in the style or Jimmy Buffett and the Wailing Sailors show combines some of the best songs from Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley, Van Morrison & Butch R Baker!  

The Wailing Sailors song list is: 

  • Margaritaville- Jimmy Buffett 
  • Vacation Vacation-Haelig (Original Buffett style)
  • Banana Joe – Haelig/Baker- (Original Buffett style)
  • Is This Love – Bob Marley 
  • Changes in Latitudes – Jimmy Buffett 
  • Samba Pa Ti – Santana 
  • Aloha Bill – Butch R Baker (Original in Buffett Pencil Thin Mustache style)
  • Volcano- Jimmy Buffett 
  • Son of a Son of a Sailor – Jimmy Buffett 
  • Gimme that Sun Fun Sun – Baker Haelig (Original Beach Boys style)
  • It’s Five O’clock Somewhere-Alan Jackson 
  • Three Little Birds – Bob Marley 
  • Coke n Tequila – Butch R Baker
  • Southern Cross – CSN (Buffett covered it too)
  • Walking on the Moonlight – Butch R Baker (Neil Young inspired)
  • Waiting In Vain – Bob Marley 
  • Pencil Thin Mustache – Jimmy Buffett 
  • Green Green Grass of September – Butch R Baker (Original Van Morrison style)
  • Banana Republic – Steve Goodman (Jimmy Covered too)
  • Coming Of Age – Butch r Baker (last single is a bit of a renaissance Zeppelin thing)
  • Come Monday – Jimmy Buffett 
  • In My Mind’s Eye – Butch R Baker (Brit Pop single)
  • What’s That Noise – Haelig, Baker, Notturno (Livingston Saturday Night style)
  • When the Leaves Come Falling Down – Van Morrison

It’s a great list with crowd pleasers and ear worms!  Coke N Tequila will sell drinks!

Here is where you can hear some of the original toons.

Watch the Around the Show is 8 Minutes video here on my website present on the right panel. Watch the other videos accessible here on my website www.butchrbaker.com

This one is a fan favorite:
Coke n Tequila Original Song by Butch r Baker – YouTube

The show is in development and you can see from the Woodstock show the strength of my productions . 

I look forward to hearing from you and getting moved up to full consideration of bringing my act to you!

Enjoy listening!

Butch  —