Butch r Baker is Billy B Baker


I am happy to say that both my persona are the same.   I have published under Butch r Baker and will soon begin working simply as Billy B Baker.   I would like to move away from the myriad google and Amazon references to the serial killer named Butcher Baker.   This will take some time and I ask for your patience.  Wherever possible I will employ redirects to find me. .


Billy B

Inside the Barn!

Both of my solo artist names are register with bandname.com

How about a preview of the new single?


Here is the Latest Mix  of the new Single:

Coming in 2020

The CandleStyx will mark the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles Album “Let it be” with a performance of the complete album.

Also in this performance will be special guest performances to mark the passing of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin 50 years ago.



50th Anniversary of Woodstock @ Minnehaha Falls August 16th 2019 7 PM

Were you there in Bethel New York 50 years ago for the 3 day festival of Peace, Love & Music? A concert so powerful they renamed the boomers the Woodstock Generation!

2012 Woodstock Show Ensemble

10 Years ago the CandleStyx performed for a estimated crowd of over 3,000 at Lake Harriett band shell.   The directors cut of the film followed us at dusk. It was an amazing experience.  Were you there?

Reserve your performance now at 612-730-7520

The CandleStyx will be at Minnehaha Falls celebrating with 90 minutes of the music from Woodstock on August 16, 2019 at 7 PM

This just in:

It’s official: A Woodstock 50th anniversary concert is coming to the original site of the 1969 music festival in Upstate New York next year.

The Bethel Woods Center for the Arts confirmed Thursday that it will host a three-day event on August 16-18, 2019, titled “Bethel Woods Music and Culture Festival.” The “pan-generational music, culture, and community event” will celebrate the golden anniversary of the original Woodstock concert with a series of concerts, “TED-style talks,” and a “We Are Golden” history exhibit at the Museum at Bethel Woods.

See full story from Syracuse.com


Butch r Baker & the Wailing Sailors

This year Butch is taking it tropical for all the parrot and pirate heads in the Minneapolis area.  12 Original Songs  evoke the Caribbean and other tropical locations  mixed into sets of Buffet, CSN and Beatles.

Come hear the one man band sailor show at The Driftwood Char Bar on March 29th at 7 PM.

Butch will be adding new sailors for larger venues.  Stay tuned for the new line up. 

Is Love