NRPD ~ New Riders of the Purple Dead

Were constantly Ranked in the top 10! Beside #1 I like the Lennon #9
Were constantly Ranked in the top 10! Beside #1 I like the Lennon #9


NRPD is a concept from Chuck Haelig originally named New Riders of the Purple Dead.  After some live name searches at our first few gigs. Bill landed on New Revival of Present Days. It’s so cosmic!

  • Chuck Haelig > Bass, Guitars
  • Butch R Baker > Guitars, Keys, Bass & Vocals
  • Texas Bill Notturno > Lead Guitar, Vocals
  • Tim Siefkes > Keyboards
  • Tom Caspers > Drums, Vocals

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Best Date I Never Had.  Written by Chuck Haelig reached #1 in MN pop music on

Love Unbound  Written by Chuck Haelig  & Bill Butch r Baker reached #1 in MN pop music on

Banana Joe…. Chuck Haelig and Butch R Baker composition.

A rough mix of a rehearsal of one of Chucks most promising songs since  Best Date.  This one is called Your My Everthing.

Our original show is The New Revival of Present Days

Chuck Haelig is a Bassist, Guitarist, Songwriter, Vocalist  and founder of NRPD along with Butch Baker. We are an ensemble dedicated to original music and covers with a point. Having played Blues, Country, Punk, Soul and R&B all influences provide opportunity for musical expression!

Bill “Butch r” Baker is a 28 year veteran of the music industry now focusing all that knowledge into the song writing and the artistic vision of the Band. In the NRPD shows he performs on Bass, Acoustic, Mandolin, Six String & vocals.

Bill “The Thrill ” Notturno, began his guitar musings at the age of 16 initially influenced by the Beatles, and acoustic folk-rock. This grew into a passion for the electric guitar and the early styling of blues rock pioneers Eric Clapton, Billy Gibbons and Jimmy Page and the later sounds of Robbin Ford and David Grissom. The Thrill cut his teeth in Texas Bands “The Few” and “Bimbo Pinhead” before heading northward to become an integral member of Wisconsins’ country-rock stalwarts “Pride” and Classic Rock headliners “Milestone” and “Burnin’ Sky”. An early nineties move to the Twin Cities saw The Thrill forming “Four on the Floor” which morphed into the current Rockhounds band. Bill is not endorsed by Paul Reed Smith guitars but he enjoys playing them; along with various Fenders and steady diet of stomp boxes that come and go sometimes on a daily basis.

Tim Siefkes has been a regular on the Twin Cities music scene since graduating from Berklee College of Music in 1978. Tim has covered the keyboards for many styles of ensembles including Progressive Rock, New Wave, Disco, Broadway show music, Jazz Big Band, Reggae/World Beat, Gospel, and even a touring Beatles tribute band. Tim is also currently the contemporary worship music director for a Minneapolis church.

Tom Caspers is our newest member rounding out the rythm section who happen to be themselves a unit called TC4

Special thanks to Mick La Briola for his contributions to these recordings on percussion.

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  1. I’d love to get in touch with Chuck Haelig. Were you once bass for Section 8, Davis CA? Please get in touch, Ron Goldberg

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