Banana Joe Video

filmed on location at Live Aqua Cancun Mexico

Slip your toes in the sand and grab a Mexican beer, Butch R. Baker has just released his newest Gulf Rock tune Banana Joe. Filled up with steel drums and a laid-back attitude, Banana Joe is the musical equivalent of an oversized Hawaiian shirt. It tells the transformative story of a snowy young Joseph turned sun-tanned, lush, and lively. With age he becomes known as Banana Joe, and is finally living the life he always dreamed of. This tune has all of the stellar and silly qualities you would come to expect with Gulf Rock, including some smooth guitar solos and beach whistles. The melodies are exceptionally song-like and easy on the ears. Baker’s voice fits the style like a glove, and carries the tune with ease. With the release of Banana Joe, Butch R. Baker puts a strong flip flop forward and gives listeners a dreamy good time. – Zachary Larson

Strongest Point(s): Banana Joe is proudly and loudly Gulf Rock. It takes all of its familiar qualities and puts them on full display. This genre can get eye rolls from some pickier listeners, but it is nothing short of a fun and responsibility-free vacation. Baker lays into the fun by adding some musical quotations parrot-heads are sure to gawk over, and keeps the energy light the entire time.

Target Audience Appeal: Fans of Gulf Rock, Soft Rock, and Adult Contemporary will enjoy Banana Joe by Butch R. Baker.

Artist target suggestions: Jimmy Buffett, Muster Point Project, Willie Nelson, Alan Jackson, Zac Brown Band, Phish, Zap & The Wires, Kenny Chesney, Jack Johnson, Steve Miller Band, The Beach Boys 

About The Reviewer: Zachary Larson is a professional guitarist in New York City. Getting his start in high school rock bands, he has since toured the world as a classical chamber musician, onboard cruise lines, and with several Broadway musicals. His recorded work spans across Classical, Pop, and Experimental music. His arrangements are published through Clear Note Publications. Classically trained, he holds a Master of Music degree from the University of Denver.