Happy Holidays

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Gearing up for the holiday season, Butch R. Baker has released his lovely new tune Love is the Holidays. This new piece of Adult Contemporary is propped up by a smooth groove and saxophone for a sound that is welcoming and inviting. It piques the listener’s senses through images of fireplaces, melting snow puddles, and sweets. The excitement of the season is most evident in the chorus where Baker stands strongly with a catchy melody. Baker sings with a sweet, colloquial charm that draws you in from the cold. His enthusiasm shines through and emphasizes the tune’s spirit. It reaches its peak festiveness with a sleigh bell-heavy instrumental break before diving into the final chorus. All in all, Love is the Holidays is a heartwarming new holiday tune by Butch R. Baker that spreads love and cheer. 

Strongest Point(s): The chorus in Love is the Holidays is very catchy and memorable. The melody has a nice shape that goes exactly where you would like it to. It is perfectly fitting for an Adult Contemporary or Soft Rock tune. Each line is answered by either the sax or keys, making for an intriguing listen.

Target Audience Appeal: Fans of Adult Contemporary, Soft Rock, and Christmas Music will enjoy Butch R. Baker’s new tune Love is the Holidays.

Artist target suggestions: Billy Joel, Dr. SasT, Harry Nilsson, Paul McCartney, Jimmy Buffett, John Cougar Mellencamp, James Taylor, Paul Simon, Willie Nelson, Michael McDonald, Gordon Michaels, Simon & Garfunkel

Go Ahead, Ignore me!

Butch R. Baker has released his new original holiday tune Christmas Is Coming. Guitars gently groove with the sounds laughter to welcome listeners into Baker’s winter wonderland. The tune establishes a foundational sound most fitting in the world of classic and soft rock and thrives in that familiarity. Sung with ease, the lyrics touch on the joy of an in-person Christmas with family and friends. Layered with extra instrumentation and sounds, the tune features a colorful surplus of thrills and excitement. The added laughter and overall easy-listening nature of the song give the impression of a large family gathering before a big meal. Overall, Christmas Is Coming by Butch R. Baker is a very fun and colorful new tune that provides a warmth for this holiday season. – Zackary Larson