The Wailing Sailor Show

Butch r Baker – The Wailing Sailor show.

A ONE MAN BAND SHOW. (Standard disclaimer; Slim Shady has a tendency to appear)  All music produced live – using the DigiTech trio & the TC Helicon Harmony GXT

The music falls safely in the Jimmy Buffet scene.  Some Buffet, CSNY & Beatles are combined with a healthy dose of good foot tappin’, ear wormin’, knee & elbow bendin’ originals.

I love performing. Here are the songs in my 90 minute set.  Click Links to music samples:

1.     Jimmy Buffet- Margaritaville with a twist

2.    Chuck Haelig – Vacation Vacation  (in Buffet style)

3.    Baker/Haelig – Gimme Sun, Fun Sun (in Beach Boys/Cheryl Crow style)

4.    Baker/Haelig – Banana Joe (in Buffet Style)

5.    Butch r Baker – Aloha Bill (in Beatles Honey Pie Style)

6.    CSN/Buffet- Southern Cross

7.    Butch r Baker – Coke –N- Tequila (you’ll like)

8.    Butch r Baker – Cindy Love – (A Jamaican Van Morrison)

9.    Steve Goodman – Banana Republics

10.Butch r Baker – Love unbound (what if Springsteen wrote a bio polka)

11.  Butch r Baker – Green Green Grass of September – (Van Morrison)

12.Beatles – Something

13.Baker, Haelig & Notturno – Boys in the Alley (Mott the Hoople meet Billy Joel)

14.Beatles – Old Brown Shoe

15.Bob Dylan – Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat

16.Butch r Baker – Ride a Bus (Mountain meets Cream)

17.Beatles – This Boy

18.Butch r Baker – Walking on the moonlight

19.The Beatles – I’m So Tired

20.Graham Nash – Sleep Song

21.Baker/Haelig – Coming of Age (11th century mistral strolling through camp)

22.Neil Young – After the Gold Rush

23.Beatles – Let it Be

24.Beatles – Strawberry Fields Forever ( a bit of the verve pipe indulgence)


Bill Butch R Baker


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