Love Unbound Single* Released this Week! Download or stream from your favorite music service.

thumbnail Love unboundLove Unbound Single* Released this Week! Download or stream from your favorite music service. Find it on Spotify/Itunes/Amazon/Napster beginning as early as Tuesday March 7th! The song has garnered great emotion responses from our fans. I hope you will enjoy and recommend to a friend. *REMIXED

Click here to view the Prelude Video to the original track mixed with the live sounds of the CandleStyx show.

The new remix will focus on the song with small nuances differences from Track available on N1N. 
Here are the original lyrics and structure… a far cry from the song today.
Thanks to the song styling talents of Chuck Haelig!

Love unbound by Butch r Baker
© 2009 40shades music and publishing

1957 in a burned out hut,
I was concentrated love unbound.
Conceived of parents who might have known better.
They were poor but happily sound.
My Daddy work for the government then taken inventory
Of the oil rigs and the companies they made.
He forged his way through big numbers and little woman and they were never quite equally paid.
His life was caught up in the rate race of foolish men
From the sixties he made a home
Took him ten short years from the birth of my soul to be
Gracing someone else’s place.
My Momma work like the women of the liberated age
just as Rosie had modeled her page.
She rolled up her sleeves and raised 4 boys
while keeping her emotions checked rage.
Sister swore she would keep an honest soul
While her brothers made off at the wake
She and Ollie got wild one night in spring
And threw all the liquor in the lake.
Love unbound whoa love unbound
Where is the love unbound?
Love unbound whoa love unbound
Where is the love unbound?
My brother went off to Nam in 69
He was a troubled boy, who came back a man
Yeah in 72 he chased a second shoe
and he landed In the never never land.
I loved the boy who went away to war
and I lived inside his Clothes
He pledge to no one and turn about in time
To swearing he was never one of those.
A young buck boy who was never really bound
By the mother who was constantly in pain
I lived a life of sedentary motion
Never Fool enough or wise enough to gain
Love unbound whoa love unbound
Where is the love unbound?
Love unbound whoa love unbound
Where is the love unbound?

New Single: Walking on the Moonlight released 8/9/2016

My newest single “Walking on the Moonlight” and my 1st world wide release will debut Live on the radio Tuesday  August 9th.  You can buy my new single at you favorite store or hear it on you favorite streaming site beginning August 9th!

I will be on the air around 4 PM drive time to debut my new single on Rollin’ and Tumblin” with Lady J!  Tune in! 90.3 FM MPLS  and 106.7 FM St Paul

Walking on the Moonlight

Bill “Butch r” Baker is working on 1st Album “Love Unbound”

I am excited to announce recording is underway for a first solo release from Bill “Butch r” Baker.

The Album Cover Concept

The Album Cover Concept

Love Unbound will be a collection of works written solo and together with partners going back in time to when I partnered with best friends Jeff Avery of DC StarRavyn Kurylo-Blackthorne and of course the song master Chuck Healig!

Expected to find a home on the album are:

  1. Love Unbound – Haelig/Baker
  2. Ride a Bus – Baker
  3. Walking on the Moonlight – Baker
  4. Man with Mandolyns – Baker
  5. Take You Out Dancing – Baker
  6. Night Flyer- Baker/Avery/Richards
  7. Fun Fun Fun – Haelig/Baker
  8. Send De Love  – Baker
  9. Cabana Joe – Haelig/Baker
  10. Why’dya Tell Me – Baker
  11. One of the Boys – Lennon/Baker
  12. Boys in the Alley – Haelig/Baker/Noturno
  13. Coming of Age – Haelig/Baker
  14. Love is the Holidays – Haelig/Baker

I will be appear on Rolling and Tumblin with Lady J on KFAI Tuesday afternoon August 9th!  Tune in for some acoustic renditions of my favorites.



The CandleStyx SRO Shows at the Driftwood

Candlestyx 2015The CandleStyx continue to please SRO crowds at the Driftwood.  Wendy Lee and Butch r Baker are drawing fans to see and hear their onstage magic.  Wendy Lee channels the best Janice Joplin and Grace Slick.  Butch tears up the Rock Standards and breaks new ground with his performance. Together they charm audiences and make new fans each outing!

The Band was formed in 2009 for the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock festival. Each year an incarnation has brought fresh thought and life to the music of a generation.  In 2011 Butch teamed with Chuck Haelig to begin writing songs together.  Chuck is an amazing songster. He is the Richards to Butch’s Jagger… the McCartney to his Lennon.

Tim Siefkes was introduced to the Band by Mick La Briola and soon with Texas Bill Noturno the original music was showcased under the name New Riders of the Purple Dead (NRPD)

Tom Caspers on Drums along with  Chuck and  Texas BTC4ill form the rhythm section and you can find them performing under the name TC4.  This completes the latest incarnation and it is blessed with bountiful camaraderie . The showmanship of the CandleStyx is palpable!

This June Tim and his lovely wife celebrate 30 years of bliss and will be away durng our performance at the Driftwood! Have no fear! TMJWhere is an extra special treat when original CandleStyx keys Michael James Wachner joins us on stage June 20th.  It promises to be a deliciously decadent demo of lasting friendship and musical mischief.Driftwood

Catch this show June 20th at the Driftwood Char Bar 4415 Nicollet Ave S. MPLS MN 55419

We found an new home at the Driftwood!

It was our third time back at the Driftwood and The Candlestyx have been playing to SRO crowds these past 2 performances.  The Driftwood added new tables and we still had fans standing in the back.  Dancers took the floor and even Larry sang RED VELVET CAKE with our Doors rendition of Break on Through.

It was Good Friday April 3rd and we added a few easter eggs in our set including Moma Told Me (not to come) and I’m a Believer!

Were working with The Driftwood for a return in May!  Stay Tuned.

Is Love